Sitemap, RSS Feed, and iTunes Podcast

Poster Stack supports a sitemap and RSS feed in XML format.

RSS Feed and iTunes podcast

Poster Stack supports a RSS feed in XML format. Optionally, it is also possible to generate an iTunes compatible podcast RSS feed with adding additional metadata information.

In order to open the RSS feed, add the URL parameter feed=rss to the page URL like:

Make sure to set up following main settings. A language code reference can be found here:

Select Generate iTunes podcast Feed to generate an iTunes compatible RSS feed.

RSS Feed

For each item, add additional metadata like description and author. For iTunes podcast items, add also the media information to the different posts, which represent an own episode. A list of valid podcast categories can be found here:

RSS Feed

RSS Feed

Feed Validators

Here are some references to feed validators:


Poster Stack is able to generate a sitemap, which you are able to use in e.g. Google Search Console. In order to open the sitemap, add the URL parameter feed=sitemap to the page URL like:

Enter the Sitemap in Google Search Console

Enter this URL into the Google Search Console for better SEO coverage:

There, you have to:

  • Create an Google Account (or use an existing one)
  • Add your website (with the help of a Google verification code, where you have to add a html file into your project, or add a meta tag to your index page)
  • Add the link to your Poster sitemap

See also:

Google Search Console

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