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In order to display archives from used categories, tags, or dates, enable the archive generation. "RW Default" will generate an archive useable for the RW sidebar, styled by the used theme. The other options are self explanatory.
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It is possible to place the archive everywhere on the page. Most probably, you would place it into the RW sidebar for standard RW themes. But for Foundry and Foundation, you have to place it somewhere else, as no sidebar area is available in these frameworks. Therefore, enter either in the sidebar or in any other text area following HTML code.

The categories will be generated into poster-archive-categories, authors into poster-archive-authors, and tags into poster-archive-tags archiv. For dates, two different archive types are available, either by year (poster-archive-date-year) or by month (poster-archive-date-month). If you do not need one of the archives, just leave out one of the DIVs.
<div class="poster-archive-categories"></div>
<div class="poster-archive-tags"></div>
<div class="poster-archive-date-year"></div>
Year / Month
<div class="poster-archive-date-month"></div>
<div class="poster-archive-authors"></div>
<div class="poster-index"></div>
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