RapidWeaver Blog Layout Template

The RapidWeaver Blog Layout Template is the template mimicking the standard blog plugin and known from Poster 1.

RW Template

Title and Subtitle

Define which headings are used for the title in list and detail view.

A subtitle is able to be displayed above or below the title.


Metadata like date, categories, and authors are able to be displayed above or below the title.

Tags will be inserted at the end of the content.

Text Format and Styling

A lot of style override settings are available for the title text, as also the metadata text for displaying date, time, and categories, and other content areas.

Sizes have to be maintained in px, em, rem, or %, like 16px, 1em, 1rem, 10%.

Read More, Back, Page, and Post Navigation Links

Settings for enabling or disabling the read more and back links are available. In addition it is possible to place the page and post navigation links above or below the list or detail.

Dropzone Content Areas for Custom Buttons

Instead of links for read more, back, page, and post navigation, it is also possible to insert buttons for these actions directly in the template.

Stack dropzones are available for above list/detail, above/below body content, below list/detail. After enabling these, it is possible to add content will the blue add (+) buttons for adding link containers. Inside these containers, place any button of your choice. The button links will be automatically adjusted correctly.

RW Template

A template with buttons then could look like this. The links for read more, back, page, and post navigation are able to be turned of inside the template.

RW Template

It is still possible to use different buttons for each items, see Poster 1 - Read More Links and Buttons. This way of adding buttons is deprecated and should be avoided.

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