Caution: This is an administrative stack with a lot of power. Please use responsibly.

Repository Stack 2 is not using a database.

Passwords are not stored in clear text. Only password hashes (generated by bcrypt hash algorithm) are stored for user authentication.

Repository Stack 2 is using a standard, non persistent PHP session cookie. This cookie is a functional cookie and must be accepted by the client browser. This cookie is deleted automatically when the browser is quit.

No SSL certificates are required for HTTPS communication but strongly recommended.

Prerequisites for using Repository Stack 2:

  • RapidWeaver 8 or higher
  • Stacks 5 Plugin or Stacks Pro (or higher)
  • PHP 8 or higher
  • Activated PHP sessions (standard for every PHP installation)
  • Maximum file upload size is restricted in PHP settings of your server. Please contact your hoster if you have issues uploading large files.
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