Initial Setup

Add a UserAccess Core Stack as topmost stack on the page.

A user with username "admin" and password "admin" will be added as default. Change this user as required.

Add additional users by pressing the blue plus (+) icon.

  • Enter unique usernames. Allowed characters are a-z, 0-9, underscore (_), hypen (-), 1 to 32 characters. No blanks are allowed.
  • Enter a password hash by using Do not enter a clear text password, only a password hash.
  • If required, define if the user is an administrator user, or is member of other authorization groups.
  • Set the user to not active if he should not be able to login again. The login session status will be cached for 1 minute by default.

This same UserAccess Core Stack must be present on all pages related to authentication and authorization functionality. In order to share the same stack on different pages, create a partial out of it by pressing the green partial icon. This partial can be added to every following page as topmost stack:

  • Login and logout form pages
  • Protected pages
  • Pages with protected content
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